Song of Shambhala: Chapter Four

From a quiet country road in upstate New York a black SUV pulled onto an unmarked driveway of crumbling asphalt. Dodging potholes and collapsing shoulders, the lone vehicle followed the pavement beneath a canopy of high-arching trees that cut through a dense forest.The tall woods opened into untended pastures that rose and fell in theContinue reading “Song of Shambhala: Chapter Four”

Song of Shambhala: Chapter Two

A young father and son stepped into the shop with wide-eyed anticipation once reserved for theme parks and baseball games. But that was before homelessness and food lines became the national pastime. With the future so bleak, history had suddenly become interesting. Animated with an unquenched imagination, the boy scampered to a cluttered and dustyContinue reading “Song of Shambhala: Chapter Two”

Song of Shambhala: Chapter Eight

      Sheridan arrived at the foot of the King’s Tower looking like a soldier returned from battle. Haltingly he had descended the last few stairs, gingerly easing down each step, his flagging strength sustained by the trophy that illuminated his way. On his arrival he found Kunchen looking on with approval. Sheridan fixedContinue reading “Song of Shambhala: Chapter Eight”

Song of Shambhala: Chapter Seven

They followed a canal filled with luminescent water that wound its way through the city like a neon boulevard. The Tibetan influence on the city’s architecture could be seen in the roofs and frequent windows of the tall, whitewashed buildings. Vivid splashes of paint in red, blue, and green were still evident on their raftersContinue reading “Song of Shambhala: Chapter Seven”