Song of Shambhala: Chapter Seven

They followed a canal filled with luminescent water that wound its way through the city like a neon boulevard. The Tibetan influence on the city’s architecture could be seen in the roofs and frequent windows of the tall, whitewashed buildings. Vivid splashes of paint in red, blue, and green were still evident on their raftersContinue reading “Song of Shambhala: Chapter Seven”

Song of Shambhala: Chapter Six

Days later the covert expedition made its way into China undetected by the ever-vigilant Chinese military. Benefitting from Evan’s early planning and well-placed connections, their caravan of antiquated cargo trucks was soon throwing up an impressive cloud of dust as they raced across the high . The mighty once reigned over the isolated domain castingContinue reading “Song of Shambhala: Chapter Six”