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The Artists

The art featured on the Song of Shambhala website and ebook app are contributed from authors from around the world who believe in the novel's message. In return we promote the artists and plan to create merchandising opportunities to sell their art for display, on t-shirts, calendars etc.


The Ebook Apps

The sneak peak ebook app entitled Song of Shambhala: The Remnants.

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The Novel ( A Sneak Peak)

Read the novel Song of Shambhala: Book of Songs

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The SOS Store

Like breadcrumbs leading home, all content leads to the store where over 500 titles of digital media and merchandise are available to serve as tools for the journey of self discovery.

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SOS Website

Visit the Song of Shambhala website and see how Community, Content and Co-Creation create a powerful connection to fans and readers.

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“Story & Song” Video Trailer

This video explains the power and brand building impact of a new breed of media: the "Story & Song" transmedia product model.

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Ebook Video Trailer

Watch the ebook trailer of the sneak peak version of Song of Shambhala entitled Song of Shambhala: The Remnants

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They Song of Shambhala: Book of Songs feature film synopsis.

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The Book of Songs

Throughout the Song of Shambha songs make their appearance upon the page. Sometimes in the depths of Sheridan's heart and sometimes like the blowing of a mighty wind. Sheridan is to write down these musical apparitions in the sacred codex called the Book of Songs.

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The Philosopher’s Songs

There are secret songs buried throughout the Song of Shambhala ebook app that lied buried within the pages until the reader summons them forth. These songs are called the Philosopher's Songs.

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The History of “Story & Song”

"Story & Song" has worked for Elvis Presley, the Patridge Family, American Idol and Glee. Now, with the connectivity of ebook apps, an online community and social sharing, it's going be more effective than ever.

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SOS Story-world Product Ecosytem

How the "Story & Song" transmedia model builds brand equity that can be harvested in tours, merchandise, TV shows and feature films.

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“Story & Song” Content Cooperative

How the Song of Shambhala ebook app combines with affiliated ebook apps to drive traffic to a self-help portal to build brand equity for feature films.

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Story & Song

Watch the Slide Show that explains the "Story & Song" transmedia product model.


What They Are Saying

Check out what people are saying about the “Story & Song” ebook app by Wind of Epiphany Media, Song of Shambhala.

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Board of Advisors

Leaders from business, film, transmedia, music, publishing and merchandising have committed to advisory roles.

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Business Summary

A summary of the business strategies and goals to be employed using the Story & Song platform.

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Producer Credits

Phillip has produced and executive produced music for more than two decades.



Phillip is an experienced digital media executive, songwriter, singer and author. He has recently added website development and app development to his list of achievements.