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Song of Shambhala- a stunning transformational novel in the spirit of The Alchemist, but with a spirit distinctly its own, is brought to life through the music infused ebook series of the same name. Each “Story & Song” eBook is designed to empower individuals with life enriching media, utilizing a transmedia strategy that pulls readers from inspirational fiction to empowering information, with transmedia hooks tethered to online content.


The Story - Sheridan Clark is an expert in antiquities relating to music, and the former conductor of the Vatican choir who has now fallen on hard times. He is recruited by a shady U.N. operative, to retrieve the Baton of Shambhala, an ancient artifact said to be used by the Archangel Lucifer to direct the chorus of heaven before his fall from grace. They journey to the Himalayas, where Sheridan is led to the lost city of Shambhala. There, Sheridan retrieves the Baton from the top of the King’s Tower and receives a spirit message from an ageless sage who reveals Sheridan’s true quest: Sheridan must find the three sacred Chintamani Stones that form the base of the baton. If he does this, the Song of Shambhala will be revealed. But he has only until the time of The Sixth Sun to complete the task, or the world will be plunged into darkness. What follows is a world-trekking adventure – cast on the backdrop of iconic sacred sites – that tells the tale of an inspirational fable woven into the fabric of history and legend.

Song of Shambhala: The Remnants

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A Sneak Peak into the Song of Shambhala ebook series.


Chapter Six

 Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

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